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Big Changes for Odd19 Studios!!

Mon Aug 25, 2014, 11:24 AM

There will be some huge changes for Odd19, Limited Immunity and Sin of Omniscience on September 1st!

First and foremost, Limited Immunity's update schedule will change: Limited Immunity will return to it's once a week update schedule! Check it out every Thursday starting Sept. 4th!

We are also proud to announce that Sin of Omniscience will become a weekly webcomic just like it's little brother Limited Immunity!! 

Issues 1 and 2 will be put up all at once (for those who need to catch up) and the first page of issue 3 will premiere and update with a new page every Monday! 

We are changing formats for several reasons, the main one being that some friends brought it to our attention that our issues were showing up on pirate sites. While we were flattered... it does put a dent in the profits we need for printing costs. So if people want it for free... we're gonna control how to give it to them. ;)

So check out on September 1st for issues #0-2 and the premiere of issue #3 page 1!

With all these changes, we will also be updating our main Odd19 website and working towards putting up a storefront where you can purchase Odd19 merchandise! :D

So mark your calendars people! New and Improved Odd19 Studios coming your way!!

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  • Geek Girl Con (10/10-10/11/15)
  • Jet City Comic Show (10/31-11/1/15)

Odd19 Products

Sin of Omniscience #0

Sin of Omniscience #1

Sin of Omniscience #2
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jayelleanderson Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I'm enjoying having my comic as a webcomic. I just wished I had more of a backlog so I could have started off with a nice chunk of pages for people to read. I don't think webcomics hurt print sales, i think those that would have bought it still will! 
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August 25, 2014